Sygnature Discovery makes three key appointments

Tim Schulz-Utermoehl will lead the new DMPK department

BioCity, Nottingham, UK-based Sygnature Discovery has made three key appointments, strengthening its senior team and bringing new services in-house.

Tim Schulz-Utermoehl, previously at Shire Pharmaceuticals and AstraZeneca, is heading the new DMPK department at the company, which is a provider of advanced research into new medicines to treat a range of debilitating diseases.

Martin Quibell joins the company as Director of Medicinal Chemistry. He will be responsible for leading the largest team within Sygnature Discovery, which comprises 76 scientists.

Scott Pollack recently came to Sygnature Discovery as Associate Director of Biosciences.

Schulz-Utermoehl began his career in DMPK at Merck Sharp & Dohme before moving to AstraZeneca in 2006. More recently, he worked at Shire Pharmaceuticals as Director of Exploratory Projects.

Quibell is a Medicinal Chemist with 20 years' experience. He completed his postdoctoral research at the Medical Research Council in Cambridge and went on to join Peptide Therapeutics before taking up the position of Chief Scientific Officer at Amura Therapeutics. In 2010, he joined Shire Pharmaceuticals as Senior Director of Exploratory Projects.

Pollack has extensive experience applying biophysics and enzymology to a broad range of drug discovery targets, covering areas ranging from target validation and assay development through to hit identification, characterisation and mechanistic analysis.

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