Synexus expands clinical trials activities in Poland

Expands operations at Gdynia and increases capacity in Wroclaw

Synexus, a UK-based multi-national clinical trials specialist, is expanding its operations in Gdynia, Poland when it moves to new premises later this year. It has also increased the capacity of its original centre in Wroclaw.

The new dedicated research centre in Gdynia will employ four full-time investigators, who will work in 300m2 of space (up from 100m2), using a range of diagnostic instruments.

Dr Radoslaw Janiak, Synexus’ country manager for Poland, said: ‘Being part of Synexus’ worldwide operations means that we are increasingly involved in large global clinical trials, we are able to recruit the right numbers of patients within the right time frame and that’s exactly what sponsors are looking for.’

Synexus has been operating in Poland since 2006 from its site in Wroclaw and expanded its operations there in August 2009 when it acquired three research centres in Warsaw, Gdynia and Katowice, following its acquisition of CLCC.

Chief executive Michael Fort says there is substantial scope to develop Synexus’ business in Poland: ‘We are continuing to see increased levels of interest for clinical trials throughout the CEE, not least in Poland where our sites are very well located and staffed by highly qualified and experienced professionals. The pharma companies and CROs we are talking to continue to express their enthusiasm for increased capacity across the CEE and we are keen to help meet their demands.’