TTP Labtech partners with Genedata to provide data analysis for HTS

Published: 22-Feb-2017

The partnership will integrate Genedata Screener software with TTP Labtech’s acumen Cellista and mirrorball to improve screening data management

TPP Labtech is partnering with Genedata to provide customers with improved solutions for importing and analysing raw data from their screening instruments.

The partnership will integrate Genedata Screener software with TTP Labtech’s high throughput compound and biologics screening tools, including acumen Cellista and mirrorball.

This will provide customers with fast connection between their laboratory tools and the Genedata Screener platform, which will enable improved data sharing and visibility across multiple sites. It will also help improve integration and analysis of screening data from multiple sources.

Sarah Payne, Product Manager, TTP Labtech, commented: “The integration with Genedata Screener streamlines the screening workflow for customers and enables them to analyse and view the results of large screening data sets within one software — all of which drives more rapid and informed decision making.”


Stephan Heyse, business unit head of Genedata Screener, said: “Our Ready-to-Run program provides out-of-the-box integration of the Genedata Screener platform with complex screening instruments, such as those used for cytometry and cellular imaging.

“This enables researchers to benefit from Genedata Screener data harmonisation and analysis capabilities for the most complex screening data in a transparent and comparable fashion.”

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