Tecan launches benchtop system for NGS library prep

Published: 29-Apr-2022

The system is designed to simplify the preparation of samples for sequencing

Tecan has launched the MagicPrep NGS, an automated benchtop library preparation system that performs true ‘load and go’ DNA-Seq and mRNA-Seq library preparation. According to the company, the system offers proven liquid-handling technology, all-inclusive reagent kits, and an intuitive user interface. It can be set up in 10 minutes and reportedly generates eight sequencer-ready libraries with a greater than 99% mean success rate.

The system is designed to simplify the preparation of samples for sequencing and, as a benchtop device, requires no installation. After two simple pipetting steps to load samples and beads into a pre-assembled cartridge-based sample deck, a touchscreen interface guides users in confirming the appropriate program and initiating the run. This process requires no training, no protocol scripting, no workflow optimisation, no master mix preparation, Tecan claims.

“This is a gamechanger for low throughput research labs,” said Dr Klaus Lun, Executive VP and Head of Life Sciences Business Division at Tecan. “Helping to improve people’s health and lives is an important driver of our work as a company. With MagicPrep NGS, Tecan is bringing automation of NGS library preparation to every lab. This easy to use, benchtop system allows scientists to focus on their research goals, not on generating NGS libraries, benefitting the entire workflow and, ultimately, accelerating improvements in research in the diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders.”

As sold, each kit includes all consumables necessary for a run, including master mixes, buffers, beads, adapters, tubes and tips, which have been pre-packaged to set up DNA or mRNA library preparation. Generated libraries are stable and can remain in the device overnight or throughout a weekend.

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