Temmler Group directors join Aenova management team

Aenova acquired Temmler in October 2012

The Aenova Group, a German manufacturer of dosage forms, is integrating the Temmler Group into its organisation. Werner Schneider has become a member of the Aenova management team with responsibility for business development, while Matthias Utrata is responsible for tax, treasury and compliance. Both previously worked for the pharmaceutical manufacturing company Temmler, which was acquired by Aenova at the end of 2012.

Aenova CEO Heiner Hoppmann said the two men would have a positive impact on the company.

‘We are very pleased that Werner Schneider and Matthias Utrata have joined us. Their many years of experience of the pharmaceutical industry and their competence in this area will enable both of them to make a significant contribution to strengthening the position of the Aenova Group,’ he said.

Schneider has been CEO of the Temmler Group and part of the management team since September 2006. Before this he was a member of the board of Lichtwer Pharma with responsibility for research and development, together with production and technology. Prior to this he was Scientific Director and Company Secretary at Steigerwald Arzneimittelwerk.

Matthias Utrata

Matthias Utrata

As CFO of the Temmler Group, Utrata was responsible for finance, IT, HR and corporate communication. He has become Director of Tax, Treasury and Compliance, reporting to Frank Elsen, CFO of the Aenova Group.

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