Travtec launches tamper-evident labelling system

Published: 6-Sep-2012

Special adhesive provides evidence of interference during distribution

UK pharmaceutical packaging solutions specialist Travtec has extended its range of equipment capable of meeting the requirements of the recent EC Falsified Medicines Directive with the introduction of a new tamper-evident labelling system.

The Travtec Labello 3 applies non-resealable clear labels to both openings of a carton, and also has the capacity to affix the special bollini or vignette labels required for pharmacist-dispensed drugs in the Italian and French markets respectively.

The system consists of a precision multi-belt conveyor with a synchronised top hold-down belt that keeps cartons firmly in place while they are presented to the label applicators. A series of label heads then places the clear labels over each opening and any additional label on the front face of the pack.

The transparent labels feature a special adhesive that securely seals the carton but becomes inactive once the label is peeled back for the first time. This provides effective visual evidence if a product has been interfered with during the distribution process and meets the second key requirement of the Falsified Medicines Directive, which also specifies that all packs must include a serialised 2D Datamatrix code.

The new Travtec Labello 3 can operate in conjunction with the company’s newly-launched Pharmacarton Elite to provide a one-stop solution to meet the Directive. Equally important, the compact dimensions of the equipment mean both models can be easily retrofitted into existing packing lines.

‘Our two systems have been designed to enable companies to satisfy these legal requirements quickly and cost-effectively,’ says Travtec Managing Director Harry Thomason.

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