Vindon Scientific’s new ‘EOS’ LED technology for stability storage trials


Controlled temperature, humidity and now light for large-scale shelf life studies and in record time in a Vindon ‘EOS’ room

Vindon Scientific recently designed and built three large, dedicated rooms in its controlled environment suite for one of the company’s major pharmaceutical clients - with timings almost unheard of in the pharmaceutical sector.

‘We were chosen for this prestigious project because we fully understand the regulations required to undertake the storage of research samples at controlled conditions, in a secure GMP environment,’ says Vindon Scientific.

Vindon Scientific’s new ‘EOS’ LED technology for stability storage trials

‘Our facility incorporates a number of advanced engineering features, including remote performance monitoring, dual control systems and emergency power supply equipment – an ideal solution for any company wanting to outsource its environmental storage with confidence.’

Vindon’s unique ‘EOS’ walk-in room incorporates a modular 700 lux lighting system with minimal heat output. Individual light sources and digital dimmers ensure the system illuminates evenly across the full storage area without compromising the temperature and humidity levels within the rooms.

The purpose of the pharma client’s on-going stability programme was to monitor the product over its shelf life. Working to a proven template, Vindon simply had to adapt its working practices to suit the tight time frames. It outsourced insulated room shells, sheet metal manufacture and all sub-assemblies. The rooms were installed and validated and product was on store in controlled temperature, humidity and light conditions within four weeks.

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