Yourway Transport creates BioPharma Services division


Will have distribution depots in 11 countries

Yourway Transport, a US-headquartered logistics firm, has created a BioPharma Services division and launched its own network of distribution depots in 11 countries, focusing on the global clinical site and supply needs of its pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers.

The BioPharma Services division will provide critical local depot services, cold-chain support, lab kit assembly and logistics, supply chain management tools, project management, and a proprietary internet-based inventory management and reporting system, among other services.

‘I am confident that our array of services and products will give our customers an advantage that will allow them to meet the demands of their trials,’ said Gulam Jaffer, owner and president of Yourway Transport. ‘It is all about speed and quality in a global environment.’

Currently in the process of a rolling opening schedule, the BioPharma Services division will open depots in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, and the Ukraine in the coming six months.

The Singapore depot, which will be the first centre to open, will act as the flagship local depot for the Asia-Pacific region.

Plans are already underway to add China and other pivotal country centres to the first 11 depots, with a scheduled opening in the first quarter of 2012.