baseclick receives further EU funding


Company uses Horizon 2020 grant to launch ClickGene project

The European Commission annually awards grants for outstanding projects in various research areas of research. One particular programme supports young scientists working in international exchange networks.

baseclick is part of a Marie Curie Actions research fellowship, an Initial Training Network (ITN) EScoDNA programme, which is a joint initiative led by leading scientists from recognised universities and companies. The project’s research focuses on the application of DNA nanotechnology in the life science and biomedicine sectors.

In January 2015, baseclick was awarded an additional research grant, the Horizon 2020 Innovative Training Network (ITN), which brings leading scientists in the field of click chemistry and gene therapy together. ‘We are proud to qualify for such a highly recognised EU research project,’ said Dr Thomas Frischmuth, CEO of baseclick, 'and to collaborate with a faculty of distinguished scientists and Nobel laureates.’ As a result of the award, the company initiated the ClickGene project.

baseclick is a young, dynamic, Munich-based company and was founded in 2008. At the heart of baseclick technology is the ‘click reaction,’ a copper-catalysed cycloaddition reaction that enables the virtually unlimited functionalisation of both small synthetic oligonucleotides and large gene fragments with unprecedented efficiency.

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In addition, as well as its own patents, baseclick holds an exclusive worldwide license for the use of this click chemistry technology in the field of nucleic acids and offers this technology in research, diagnostics and, increasingly, the pharmaceutical modification of RNA molecules.