Oxford Genetics licenses SnapFast expression vectors to Twist Bioscience

Published: 16-Nov-2017

Oxford Genetics will supply Twist Bioscience with its SnapFast technology platform to provide a broad range of application-specific expression vectors, which Twist Bioscience will use to clone synthesised DNA for its diverse customer base

Oxford Genetics, a specialist in innovative synthetic biology-based technologies for biologics discovery, development and delivery, announced a new licensing agreement with Twist Bioscience Corporation, a company enabling customers to succeed through its offering of rapid, high-quality synthetic DNA.

Dr Ryan Cawood, CEO of Oxford Genetics, said: “This license agreement with Twist Bioscience serves as further recognition of our approach to developing the best optimised expression vectors.”

“By utilising our SnapFast platform, Twist Bioscience is giving its customers access to the latest vector designs for the most demanding applications and providing them with better value, a streamlined workflow and maximum flexibility in order to utilise their custom DNA constructs to their best effect.”

Oxford Genetics specialises in the design of application specific vectors, which is a culmination of access to cutting edge bioinformatics, generation of extensive biological data and continual refinement to ensure customer success.

The vectors also grant access to the wider SnapFast ecosystem, which allows Twist Bioscience to switch between all of Oxford Genetics’ vectors, making future changes and additions simple and efficient.

Dr Emily M. Leproust, CEO of Twist Bioscience, commented: “By complementing our ability to provide high throughput synthetic genes with a wide range of customised vectors from Oxford Genetics, we accelerate our customer’s workflow, allowing them to solve more complex problems while saving both time and resources.”

“Importantly, it enables us to reach the large group of customers who order smaller quantities of genes in standard vectors. We remain committed to optimising our product line to enable our customers to succeed more quickly.”

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