Particle Sciences to develop antiretroviral formulations

Published: 12-Oct-2012

Research forms part of MOTIF project funded by Seventh Framework Programme

US-based drug delivery CRO Particle Sciences has been selected to be the formulation arm of an effort to create a next generation vaginal drug delivery system.  Referred to as MOTIF (Microbicide Optimization Through Innovative Formulation), the research is funded by the European Commission as part of the Seventh Framework Programme.

Under the contract, Particle Sciences will develop approaches that allow for multiple actives to be easily incorporated into the same formulation. Other members of the consortium include King's College London, Microbiotec, University of Siena, University if Aberdeen, CEA Paris and Imperial College.

In addition to formulation approaches, a major goal of the work is to identify vaginal drug transporters and their impact on topically applied antiretrovirals.

Particle Sciences focuses on BCS II/III/IV molecules, biologics and highly potent compounds through a variety of technologies including emulsions, gels, micro and nano-particulates, drug/device combination products, solid solutions and others.

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