Patient-driven innovations for cancer sufferers

Published: 22-Mar-2017

Helsinn collaborates with Lyfebulb to support patient-driven innovations for people with cancer

Swiss cancer pharmaceutical group Helsinn will collaborate with Lyfebulb, a company that empowers patient entrepreneurs to deliver products and solutions to those living with chronic disease.

The collaboration will focus on recognising patient entrepreneurs who are developing concepts for better management of cancer using pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and nutritional supplements.

Linking entrepreneurs with senior team and board members from Helsinn and Lyfebulb will spotlight the entrepreneurs' efforts and ideas, providing professional discussion, direction, and inspiration.

Karin Hehenberger, CEO and Founder of Lyfebulb, said:

"We continue to build on the concept of patient entrepreneurs and the expansion of our Lyfebulb Entrepreneur Circle. These new entrepreneurs may help to transform the lives of patients."

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