Peltier temperature devices for MCR rheometers

Published: 24-Mar-2022

The new device is designed for temperatures between -50°C and +220 °C

Anton Paar, inventor of the Peltier temperature control accessories for rheometers, has launched a new set of MCR Peltier temperature devices for cone-plate and parallel-plate geometries.

Peltier temperature control systems are ideal for applications such as lubricants, paints, cosmetics, foods, hot melts, and even polymer melts. Based on counter-cooling with a fluid circulator or only air, the systems are capable of high heating and cooling rates and excellent temperature accuracy.

Out of a broad range of different models, each one is easily integrated, exchanged, and operated. This is guaranteed by patented features, such as Toolmaster which automatically recognises and configures all connected devices and T-Ready which reduces unnecessary waiting times by detecting temperature equilibration.

Key features:

  • Widest temperature range on the market: -50 °C to +220 °C
  • Water and air-cooled versions available
  • LED-illuminated hood for clear viewing and 360° sample trimming
  • Temperature gradients of ≤1 °C
  • 20+ different screw-on plates attachable

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