Polyplus introduces off-the-shelf plasmids for AAV2 production; plans to expand plasmid portfolio to support full range of AAV serotypes in 2024

Published: 3-Apr-2024

Polyplus (part of Sartorius), a leading upstream solutions provider for advanced biologic and cell and gene therapy production from research to commercial grade, has launched pPLUS® AAV-RC2, a RepCap plasmid for adeno-associated virus vector 2 (AAV2) production

The new, ready-to-use plasmid is available off-the-shelf to complement the recent launch of pPLUS AAV-Helper in September 2023. Further launches of other pPLUS RepCap plasmids to address the range of AAV serotypes will happen throughout 2024.

“In 2020, we made a commitment to evolve into a leading delivery supplier with capabilities across the expanding range of modalities in the market. Since then, the portfolio has steadily expanded for transfection reagents, and now we are making our ambition to become a key supplier of critical raw materials for AAV production clear,” Roel Gordjin, Chief Commercial Officer commented. “We have been out in the market speaking with existing and potential clients about what they need most and are well suited to meet those needs. In the AAV space we will be one of very few suppliers able to provide a complete pDNA portfolio, making us a logical first call for AAV manufacturers in their projects from research to commercial use.”

The pPLUS AAV-RC2 plasmid is available on demand, with all manufacturing completed in house at the Xpress Biologics GMP compliant facility in Belgium to ensure quality and supply chain security.

Visit the page to learn more about the pPLUS AAV-RC2 plasmid, which officially became available on 25 March 2024

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