Quotient Sciences looks to accelerate drug development timelines

Published: 9-Feb-2023

Company increases laboratory capacity to meet customer demand for fully integrated drug development capabilities

Quotient Sciences has completed an expansion of its early-phase formulation development capabilities for oral dosage forms at its Nottingham, UK, facility. 

The expanded services build upon the site’s existing formulation capabilities and increase capacity to support fully integrated drug development programs through the company’s flagship platform, Translational Pharmaceutics.

Over the past 30 years Quotient Sciences has built a strong reputation for developing both simple and complex, fit-for-phase formulations for small molecules and peptides. With this latest investment, the company has expanded its high containment laboratory capacity to support oral drug programs including immediate release, modified release tablet and multiparticulate dosage forms for highly potent compounds.

The new equipment and process trains are fully integrated with our existing capabilities

Andy Lewis, Global Vice President of Integrated Pharmaceutical Sciences at Quotient Sciences, said: “At Quotient Sciences, our expertise in formulation development is underpinned by our unique track record in clinical research. Having both biopharmaceutics and clinical knowledge in-house, coupled with our experience from formulating over 1,500 molecules, enables us to accelerate the development process for our customers.”

“With these expanded capabilities, we can start formulation development work even earlier for our customers, allowing for projects to start faster and turnaround times to be reduced, which in turn will speed up development timelines. Importantly, the new equipment and process trains are fully integrated with our existing capabilities, so at the appropriate point we can quickly transition drug programs downstream into GMP clinical trial manufacturing, saving our customers precious time in advancing innovative medicines into the clinic.”

Mark Egerton, CEO of Quotient Sciences, added: “Quotient Sciences’ mission is to help get new medicines to patients faster and over the course of the last decade we’ve been investing in capabilities to support that. We place a great importance on supporting customer demand and will continue to actively increase our formulation tool kit to provide more integrated solutions under a single organisation to streamline the outsourcing paradigm for our customers.”

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