Round industrial screener for chemical powders

Published: 25-Sep-2019

Russell Finex’s vibratory sieve prevents oversized contamination in the chemical production process by improving the quality of the final product

Kemira Chemicals, a producer of advanced chemicals for industrial applications, produces a variety of coagulants for the treatment of waste water. When seeking a sieving solution for screening incoming bulk powders, Kemira contacted Russell Finex – a global manufacturer of chemical sieving and filtration equipment.

Kemira had previously experienced difficulties with foreign contamination entering its chemical production process. Bulk loads of chemical raw materials would often contain contamination which could damage downstream equipment such as reactors, pumps and valves. Raw materials such as aluminium hydrate powder would be loaded into the production line via belt conveyors - a common solution for loading and transferring bulk materials and powders through various stages of manufacturing. Whether loading incoming raw materials, transferring product from one line to the next, or moving final packaged goods, conveyor systems are used across a variety of industries and applications and, whilst these systems allow high volumes of product to be quickly transported, the materials they carry must be screened before use in manufacture.

The solution for Kemira was to install a Russell Compact Sieve as part of its incoming materials facility. This vibratory screener benefits from a compact design, meaning it can be easily integrated into existing conveying lines. The material is loaded from a delivery tanker onto the conveyor, where it is to be transported into the plant for use in the manufacture of advanced chemicals. To protect potential damage to reactors and other downstream equipment as well as the quality of chemicals produced, a vibratory sifter can be used to remove all oversize and foreign contamination.

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