Sanner launches AdPack desiccant pillow pack family

Published: 11-Sep-2014

New desiccant pillow packs shown for the first time at CPhI Worldwide in Paris

Sanner, a manufacturer of high-quality plastic packaging for pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products, is expanding its portfolio with the new AdPack desiccant pillow packs for the protection of moisture-sensitive pharmaceuticals such as tablets and capsules.

At CPhI Worldwide in Paris from 7 – 9 October on stand 2K61, Sanner will present the new AdPack desiccant pillow packs to industry professionals for the first time. The desiccant pillow packs are filled into the packaging along with the drugs, thus protecting them against moisture. Designed for pharma applications worldwide, AdPack complies with all relevant European and FDA regulations for contact with food and drugs. The products are also listed in a Type III Drug Master File (DMF).

The pillow packs are available as single strips or on a reel and are made of durable and tear-resistant Tyvek material. AdPack is highly permeable and ensures long-term adsorption of moisture and odours. The low-profile desiccant pillow packs take up little space within a package. Their distinct shape eliminates potential confusion with capsules or tablets, and prevents accidental ingestion.

AdPack is compatible with standard semi- and fully-automated dispensing equipment and filling lines.

'With the AdPack desiccant pillow packs, we have developed a new drop-in solution for moisture protection inside the packaging,' explains Sanner CEO Holger Frank. 'This offers our customers a cost-efficient solution that unites all the advantages of GMP-compliant production, professional risk management, 100% traceability and outstanding quality.'

In addition to integrated desiccant solutions, Sanner will also showcase another drop-in solution – AdCap desiccant capsules. They adsorb moisture through a cardboard disc on the top, as well as through a unique grid structure on the side of the capsule. This ensures moisture adsorption after filling, even when the capsule is lying on the cardboard side.

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