Spanish technology collaboration focuses on manufacturing equipment

Published: 16-Sep-2019

Grifols and Mondragon will work on jointly developing medical and pharmaceutical-related automation, robotics and instrumentation

Grifols and Mondragon have announced an agreement to jointly develop healthcare sector-related automation, robotics and instrumentation as well as other technologies and infrastructure.

The agreement also includes training and talent collaborations linked to the University of the Basque industrial group. Mondragon is a corporation and federation of worker cooperatives based in the Basque region

A Joint Action Committee comprised of members from both companies will identify and prioritise initial projects over the next few months.

"The agreement represents an opportunity to jointly develop innovative technology solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, particularly projects related to instrumentation and robotics, which are constantly changing," said Victor Grifols Deu and Raimon Grifols, co-CEOs of Grifols.

"For Mondragon it's enormously satisfying to sign this collaboration agreement with Grifols after many years of a positive relationship. The framework agreement is designed to drive innovation and new businesses in strategic areas such as health," said Iñigo Ucin, President of Mondragon.

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