Specialty lubricant manufacturer Benz Oil adopts Matrix Gemini LIMS to manage testing and reporting

Published: 25-Jul-2022

A new case study from Autoscribe Informatics highlights how Benz Oil adopted Matrix Gemini LIMS in its laboratory to test batches of product for quality control purposes

In addition, customers can submit field samples for routine and investigative testing. Using the new LIMS reduces the total time taken to register incoming samples from both production and external clients by up to 80%. The task that used to take 5 – 6 hours per day has been reduced to around 1 hour.

The Benz Oil case study can be downloaded from HERE.

Founded in 1898, Benz Oil is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial and metalworking lubricants. It has one of the largest on-site storage facilities for raw materials in the US Midwest, an innovative oil analysis laboratory, and the technical resources to develop and manufacture specialist oil-based lubricants. These lubricants are used in a wide variety of applications including metalworking, grinding, gear maintenance, quench fluids, engines, hydraulic, and heat transfer applications.

The testing laboratory manages three distinct types of testing: quality control of each manufactured batch, fields samples returned for laboratory testing, and other samples sent for investigative analysis and troubleshooting. As a result, the laboratory tests many field samples from customers. Each sample has a specific set of tests, and results must be returned to the customer within two days. The laboratory uses a variety of specialist instruments many of which are now connected to the LIMS. This automatic data capture eliminates paper records, reduces typographical errors, and increases laboratory efficiency.

One of the goals of the new LIMS was to reduce the human interventions and manual steps required for each sample. “Matrix Gemini LIMS has allowed us to automate tasks and reduce human touch points from around 11 to 3-4 per sample. This has dramatically improved efficiency and reduced human error,” said Benz Oil. “I enjoy working with the Autoscribe team. Autoscribe’s wide US footprint meant that I was collaborating with a local Autoscribe technician just a few miles down the road, easing communication and reducing scheduling difficulties.”

“Benz Oil had a very clear idea of what they wanted from their LIMS which made implementation straight forward,” said Tim Daniels, Marketing Manager at Autoscribe Informatics. “The advantage of Matrix Gemini LIMS is that it can be easily adapted to the specific needs of companies like Benz Oil, enabling them to make significant cost/efficiency savings and a tangible return on investment.”

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