Teijin Pharma and Amgen to jointly research and develop new therapy for kidney diseases

Published: 20-Dec-2016

Teijin Pharma Limited has entered into a collaboration and license agreement with a leading biotechnology company, Amgen, regarding research and development of new therapeutic agents for kidney diseases and disorders

The agreement grants to Amgen a worldwide (ex-Japan) exclusive license to develop and commercialise compounds discovered or developed during collaborative research. Teijin Pharma will hold the exclusive rights to develop and commercialise the compounds in Japan.

Kidneys have an important role in the urinary excretion of waste from the body and in the maintenance of fluid homeostasis such as the regulation of electrolytes and water balance.

If the kidneys’ functions are significantly impaired, a patient suffers a serious deterioration in the quality of life (QoL), leading to end stage renal disease and the necessity of dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Most currently available drugs work indirectly to reduce the burden on kidneys to help prevent organ failure, so new treatment options that provide superior efficacy and safety are desired.

Under the terms of the agreement, Teijin Pharma will receive an upfront payment in addition to potential milestones and royalties, and will have the right to copromote potential products in select Asian markets.

Teijin Pharma has been contributing to the development of new drugs to solve unmet medical needs. The nephrology collaboration with Amgen, which possesses the highest level of expertise and global development capabilities, is expected to enhance the value of our research theme for discovering new therapeutic compounds in this field.

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