Telormedix receives EU funding for the development of new treatment for psoriasis

Published: 7-Aug-2013

Research consortium includes Biopta, Midatech Biogune, Molecular Profiles, and the USZ

Telormedix, a Swiss clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) small molecules in the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases, has raised €1.77m in funding from the European Eurostars Programme to develop a treatment for psoriasis.

A consortium including Biopta, Midatech Biogune, Molecular Profiles and the University Hospital Zurich (USZ), aims to develop new formulations of one of Telormedix’s promising drug candidates, TMX-302 in the psoriasis anti-inflammatory treatment project (PAT).

The project will initially focus on developing new oral and topical formulations of TMX-302 using Midatech’s nanoparticles formulated using Molecular Profiles’ technology. Once a range of formulations has been developed, Biopta will screen them by using human fresh tissue in vitro assays to select the best candidates. These candidates will then be studied and compared with currently used therapies in humanised animal models of psoriasis at the Department of Dermatology at the USZ.

Johanna Holldack, CEO at Telormedix, said: ‘We believe that modulators of TLR-7 have a significant chance of being important new treatments for inflammatory diseases like psoriasis.’

The Eurostars Programme is the European funding and support programme specifically dedicated to stimulating international collaborative research and innovation projects of small and medium enterprises.

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