Terumo and PhotonPharma collaborate on cancer immunotherapy

Published: 12-Aug-2021

PhotonPharma is using Terumo’s Mirasol pathogen reduction technology (PRT) in the manufacturing process

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, a medical device company, and PhotonPharma, a cancer immunotherapy developer, have established a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a collaboration to develop an immunotherapy for solid tumours.

PhotonPharma is using Terumo’s Mirasol pathogen reduction technology (PRT) in the manufacturing process. The initial agreement authorises PhotonPharma to reference the device master file (DMF) on record with the FDA for the Mirasol system. This DMF will then support the PhotonPharma regulatory submission for its Innocell therapeutic vaccine technology. Additionally, Terumo will supply Mirasol illuminators and single-use sets for the immunotherapy preparation process used in the clinical trial.

Mirasol has been used in select markets outside the United States since 2007. Terumo designed the technology to reduce pathogen load and inactivate residual white blood cells in whole blood and blood components.

The American Cancer Society’s 2021 forecast projects 1.9 million new cancer diagnoses and more than 600,000 cancer deaths. Each day, that’s approximately 5,200 newly diagnosed cancer cases and 1,670 cancer deaths. Ninety percent of the cases diagnosed are expected to be from solid tumours.

This MOU is the first part of a longer-term collaboration to advance PhotonPharma’s Innocell. The collaboration focuses on the vaccine’s development, regulatory approval and future commercialisation. PhotonPharma is currently preparing an investigational new drug (IND) submission related to a Phase I clinical trial targeting triple-negative breast cancer.

“This agreement to work together with Terumo increases the potential to advance a new therapy for patients suffering from a variety of solid tumour malignancies including breast cancer,” said Dr Gary Gordon, PhD, former Divisional VP of Abbvie Oncology and PhotonPharma board member. “Working together will benefit patients in need of new therapeutic approaches to treat their underlying disease.”

Antoinette Gawin, President and CEO, Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, said: “For Terumo, strategic collaborations increase the potential speed to market and decrease development costs of therapies. This will enable patients to benefit from therapies earlier. Contributing toward the development and commercialization of Innocell enables Terumo to contribute toward the next potential major medical breakthrough.”

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