Titan’s Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter provides clean bore flow measurement

Published: 17-Nov-2022

Designed initially for the chemical and electronics industries, Titan Enterprises’ Metraflow is a non-invasive, chemically inert ultrasonic flowmeter

Optimised in its material and technological construction, the Metraflow’s single, clear bore removes any risk of nucleation or leak points where impurities could cause product contamination or impact process efficiency, making it a superior choice also within pharmaceutical, medical and food process applications.

Metraflow’s high performance PFA polymer tubing offers excellent chemical compatibility and an ultra-high grade of purity. The FDA-approved single PFA tube is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals and solvents, making it superior to PTFA.

Non-intrusive with no internal moving parts, Metraflow gives an accuracy of ±0.5% FSD and ±0.1% repeatability across flow ranges from 20 to 5000 ml/min. Highly suited to aggressive chemical and ultra-pure water flow measurement, the Metraflow is ideal for use in laboratory applications.

Included in Titan’s ultrasonic range of flowmeters, the Metraflow incorporates Titan’s patented ultrasonic technology with sophisticated electronics, supported with Titan’s proprietary USB interface software.

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