TSI buys Raman specialist Enwave Optronics

Published: 26-Feb-2014

Expands further into the chemical characterisation market

TSI, a precision instrumentation specialist based in Minnesota, US, has purchased the business assets and Raman spectroscopy technology from Enwave Optronics.

The acquisition expands TSI's ChemLogix family of chemical analysis solutions.

No financial details have been revealed.

Enwave Optronics, based in Irvine, California, has developed and commercialised a range of precision Raman instruments. Products include handheld, portable, bench top and installed process control instruments.

The purchase of the Raman spectroscopy technology builds on TSI's 2012 acquisition of Laser-Induced Breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology for elemental analysis of solid materials from PhotonMachines.

TSI's President, Tom Kennedy, said: 'Raman technology expands our chemical characterisation business so that now we can address molecular-based as well as elemental-based material analysis. Both Raman and LIBS technology also support growth initiatives across several of our current core businesses.'

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