Zambon acquires Nigaard

Published: 15-Jul-2015

Deal expected to speed up commercialisation of Parkinson's treatment Xadago

Zambon, an Italian pharmaceutical company, has acquired Norwegian pharmaceutical firm Nigaard, which means the company is now active in all markets in Western Europe.

No financial details have been revealed.

Established in 2002, Oslo-based Nigaard is focused on pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the respiratory and allergy areas, and has a presence in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland. The company is currently the distributor of Zambon's Promixin in Sweden and Norway, as well as the owner of several distribution and licensing agreements.

The acquisition of Nigaard follows Zambon's Profile Pharma deal in the UK in 2013 and the re-establishment of a branch in Germany in 2014.

Zambon CEO Maurizio Castorina said the acquisition of Nigaard would speed up the commercialisation of the company's Parkinson's treatment Xadago, and the development of Promixin, the company's inhaled antibiotic for bronchial infections in cystic fibrosis.

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