Jumpcode Genomics and Takara Bio USA enter global patent partnership

Published: 14-Jun-2024

The companies aim to commercialise their technologies that remove unwanted samples from RNA-seq libraries, optimising the sequencing process for better molecule discovery

Jumpcode Genomics, a genome technology platform company and Takara Bio USA, a gene regulation research specialist, have settled their patent dispute and partnered to integrate their foundational IP in targeted transcript depletion from NGS libraries using CRISPR-based technology. 


The agreement

Under the terms of the agreement, Jumpcode and Takara Bio USA have each granted the other party a license to use their IP in exchange for an agreed royalty payment. 

The companies’ combined IP comprises multiple patents and patent applications worldwide, including US Patent 11,708,606 — held by Jumpcode — and US Patent 10,150,985 — held by Takara Bio USA.


Optimising the detection of novel molecules

The companies’ technologies, sold under the DepleteX and CRISPRclean brands by Jumpcode and as ZapR technology by Takara Bio USA, remove unwanted RNA sequences from biological samples, which enables the discovery and detection of novel molecules.

This enables researchers to significantly improve the sensitivity of their RNA-seq libraries, whilst also reducing sequencing costs, since you remove the need to sequence unwanted aspects of the library.

The technology can be used in multiple research and translational applications and has the potential to be utilised to detect unknown pathogens.

President and CEO of Jumpcode, Mike Salter said: “Our combined technology will help scientists to deliver novel research, and we believe it could transform the future of molecular biology. Our partnership will also aid the global commercialisation of our products.”

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