Vetter awarded honours in the CDMO leadership awards

Published: 27-Mar-2024

The awards programme selects honourees based on CDMO customer evaluations

Vetter, a global manufacturing and packaging company specialising in injectables, has announced its appointment of multiple CDMO Leadership Awards in all six core categories – quality, expertise, reliability, capabilities, compatibility and service for big pharma, small pharma and overall respondents.

In fact, with a result of €1m in completed orders over the past financial year, Vetter has successfully reached to surpass the one billion sales threshold. This confirms the strong commitment to stable customer relationships and ongoing sustainable growth. 

The awards programme provides a unique representation of the level of excellence offered to customers, as honourees are selected based on customer evaluations of the CDMOs they have worked with over the past 18 months.

Now in its 13th year, Outsourced Pharma and Life Science Leader's CDMO Leadership Awards provide its audiences with accurate and dependable customer feedback to help them select a reputable partner for their development, manufacturing and packaging needs.

“As drug owners are increasingly counting on CDMOs to provide unwavering access to supply chains, appropriate infrastructure, and proven processes, the CDMO Leadership Awards reflect our commitment to act as their outsourcing partner of choice, said Vetter Managing Director Thomas Otto. “We are proud that this further instills a sense of confidence in our trustworthiness among our current and future customers.”

Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor and Conference Chair of Outsourced Pharma added: “Drug and therapy sponsors had much to be concerned with during the last 12 months or so. There was still supply-chain uncertainty, ever-growing novelty in platforms and processes requiring new skill sets and technologies, and the speed of everything seemed to accelerate. Through it all, CDMOs stayed focused and also adapted to customer and market needs."

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