ACG group rebrands under single new identity

Published: 17-Oct-2018

The integrated pharma manufacturing group consolidates its portfolio of businesses and regional brands into four businesses: capsules, films & foils, engineering and inspection

ACG Group offers end-to-end manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. In five decades the company has expanded its global footprint and its scope has grown from empty hard capsule manufacturing to include equipment production, packaging, inspection, testing, research and development.

With thirteen companies and five subsidiary offices spread around the world, a new identity was needed to reflect the group’s unified purpose throughout its diverse operations and entities. Under the new change, the group has consolidated into four key businesses: ACG Capsules, ACG Films and Foils, ACG Engineering and ACG Inspection and has introduced the strapline 'Absolutely Committed'. This strapline is a testament of ACG’s unwavering promise to its customers, while delivering exceptional manufacturing solutions.

Today, ACG group is led by Managing Director Karan Singh. The Group employs more than 4500 associates globally and is present in more than 100 countries.

Karan Singh, said: “This new dynamic shift will allow us to build on our existing capabilities to create a more integrated customer experience and help us create more intuitive solutions. The four businesses are being led by four superbly talented leaders and I am sure will be able to tap the synergies arising from our newly consolidated structure. We are expanding our manufacturing footprint across the globe and are 'Absolutely Committed' to innovation and collaboration that makes us one of the best in the industry. We are also actively looking at ways to use Artificial Intelligence, IIoT, Virtual Reality and other digital transformation technologies to bring the best pharma manufacturing solutions to our customers.”

Peter Neve, ACG's Chief Marketing Officer, said: “It gives us a new way of thinking about our business. We are now aligned as one ACG rather than as separate businesses. Our core philosophy is to keep customer at the heart of everything we do. We firmly believe in moving forward, steadfastly with synergy and in a collective drive. These business segments come together seamlessly to convey our promise of being 'Absolutely Committed' to offering an integrated solutions platform. We have also launched our new and updated website recently that showcases our entire product and service portfolio in a single location.”

ACG’s new structure

ACG Capsules: constituting of Associated Capsules (ACPL), ACG Lukaps Croatia and ACG do Brasil, offers everything you need to fulfil your diverse range of capsules requirements. The capsules business is led by Selwyn Noronha, CEO, ACG Capsules.

ACG Films and Foils: constituting of ACG Pharmapack and Nova Nordeplast, Brazil, offers everything you need to produce reliable pharma packaging solutions. The business is led by SR Shivshankar, CEO, ACG Films and Foils.

ACG Engineering: constituting of ACG Pam, ACG Pampac, ACG Metalcrafts, ACG APT, offers everything you need to achieve superior manufacturing performance. ACG’s Engineering business is led by Richard Stedman, Group CEO, ACG Engineering.

ACG Inspection: offers everything you need to meet inspection and traceability demands. The business is led by Ettore Cucchetti, CEO, ACG Inspection.

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