AcuTemp RKN transports temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

Published: 7-Jan-2010

US firm confirms the Operational Qualification (OQ) of its AcuTemp RKN thermal pallet shipper

CSafe, a US provider of containers for the temperature-sensitive airfreight market, has confirmed the Operational Qualification (OQ) of its AcuTemp RKN thermal pallet shipper by three major pharmaceutical companies. Each company independently tested the containers at a range of temperatures across multiple shipping lanes, ambient conditions, payload sizes and shipment durations.

The company says the results identified the AcuTemp RKN as a reliable solution for transporting temperature-sensitive healthcare products globally, especially where extreme ambient temperatures are encountered.

"The AcuTemp RKN air cargo container provides superior thermal efficiency, compressor-driven technology and qualified operating capabilities for extended periods," the company says.

Geoffrey Glauser, director of global packaging technology for Pfizer, said the AcuTemp RKN maintained "exceptionally stable interior payload temperatures" when exposed to high and low ambient temperature extremes. Test results for summer and winter temperature profiles concluded the container was acceptable for global shipping of drug products with minimum and maximum mass/volume.

"The day-to-day working performance of the AcuTemp RKN accurately mirrors the performance and reliability testing performed by several large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies," said Oliver Bootz, vice president of business development for CSafe.

"Not only have our customers experienced the superior performance of our active RKN versus dry ice or other compressor driven containers, but its approval by both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) also provides for the widest availability of global shipping lanes."

According to CSafe, more than 40 pharmaceutical companies use the AcuTemp RKN.

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