Adare Pharma Solutions to expand packaging and warehousing capabilities in Europe

Published: 5-Mar-2024

Adare Pharma Solutions, a technology driven CDMO focused on oral dosage forms, has announced that work has begun to add packaging capabilities and further warehousing capacity at its Pessano facility in Milan, Italy

The two-storey 2800 sqm extension at the site will accommodate a new packaging line in a purpose-built packaging hall.

The Marchesini Integra 220S MA260 packaging line will primarily be used to package tablets, capsules and softgel capsules into Aclar, Triplex, PVC, PVDC, ALU/ALU blisters.

The machine features integrated Robocombi "pick and place" and serialisation capabilities and is capable of packaging more than 50 million blisters annually.

The new packaging line is projected to be installed by Q4 2024.

The expansion to the Pessano site also includes an additional 1000 sqm warehouse with capacity for 900 pallets, as well as space to accommodate a second packaging line for future needs.

“The addition of a new state-of-the-art packaging line and high-capacity warehouse expands on the comprehensive CDMO solutions Adare provides customers in Europe, the United States, and Asia,” said Tom Sellig, CEO of Adare Pharma Solutions.

The 20,400 sqm Pessano facility provides R&D services to expedite formulation and process development, with a seamless integrated transition to manufacturing.

It is capable of manufacturing a wide range of solid dosage forms at both clinical and commercial scales, including granules, capsules and tablets. The facility also provides controlled substance and organic solvent capabilities.

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