AGI Glassplant

AGI Glassplant provides a solution for every stage of the chemical processing journey. We help various chemical sector clients and researchers to process and manufacture chemicals from lab to production scale. With over 70 years' experience in producing some of the world's most reliable engineered reactor systems, AGI Glassplant is bringing the next generation in reactor technology to chemists across the globe.

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AGI Glassplant is part of the AGI Group, the world’s scientific glassblower.

AGI Glassplant

AGI Glassplant supplies both off-the-shelf and custom systems for chemical processing applications in the pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and academic sectors, plus many more. Our in-depth knowledge of engineering glass systems means we can support our customers during every step of their chemical processing journey - from raw material to semi-finished and finished products, and with the ability to easily scale-up and scale-down as desired.

AGI Glassplant has an extensive product portfolio, ranging from laboratory to pilot plant to manufacturing scale, and featuring unique core technologies that include our proprietary Cyclone Vessel and Ring Baffle Vessel Technology for exceptional uniform thermal transfer. Our engineered glass systems are designed for fundamental chemical processes and applications, including reaction, filtration, evaporation, concentration, distillation and extraction. Our systems are provided in both borosilicate and quartz glass options (quartz engineered systems are suitable for high purity applications).

The AGI Group is unified by values of innovation, sincerity and progress, and we are proud to be the world’s largest supplier of engineered glass systems. We are driven to design and manufacture exceptional products to the highest possible standards and provide our customers with unrivalled care.

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