AGI Glassplant introduces a novel pilot reactor controller

Published: 7-Feb-2024

The novel pilot reactor controller improves automation and monitoring of any pilot reactor and its associated devices via a single software interface

AGI Glassplant has recently announced the launch of the AGI Glassplant pilot reactor controller.

Designed for the pharmaceutical, chemical, CRO/CMO, agrochemical and flavour/fragrance sectors, this modular and scalable system provides easy integration of third-party devices, offering secure and robust data connections to help reactors reach their full potential.

The AGI Glassplant pilot reactor controller is an easy-to-use, turnkey solution that is ideal for chemists and chemical engineers looking to scale up from lab to pilot plant or, conversely, down from production to pilot. 

Using OPC Unified Architecture, this reactor controller offers universal connectivity with a vast range of reactors and peripheral devices – including circulators, stirrers, sensors and pumps – via a no-code software interface, allowing quick set up and process replication without specialist programming knowledge. 

Multiple users can visualise every connected device via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and data is collected, processed, compiled and logged in a single .CSV file for further analysis.

The flexible Hub and DAQ design is easily configurable to suit individual laboratory needs, with easy-to-access connection ports that can be customised to specific process requirements.

Additional DAQs can be added as necessary, enabling scale-up and control of even the most complex processes. 

The system provides numerical and graphical live displays that can be customised to specific data interpretation needs, enabling real-time process oversight and control for close tracking and modification of reactions on the fly. 

The AGI Glassplant pilot reactor controller also features integrated, user-programmable safety procedures – with high and low level alarms – as well as operator-defined safe standby procedures and a physical remote standby trigger for complete peace of mind.

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