Almac Group launches claraT

Published: 22-Oct-2018

The software-driven solution will classify biologically relevant gene expression signatures for easy access via a report

Almac Diagnostic Services has launched claraT – a unique software-driven solution, classifying biologically relevant gene expression signatures into a comprehensive, easy-to-interpret report.

The claraT report will benefit bioPharma and academic biomarker discovery and translational research. Clients are provided with an interactive report that allows the easy visualisation of the key discriminating biologies within both the study cohort and an individual tumour sample.

Alongside Almac’s own proprietary assays and single gene targets linked to multiple key biologies, according to the well-established 10 Hallmarks of Cancer, claraT classifies relevant published gene expression signatures,

The claraT report is a pan-cancer solution generated from raw gene expression data, utilising Almac’s RNA-Sequencing Service.

RNA-Sequencing data is extremely complex and difficult to interpret, often requiring extensive bioinformatics expertise. Almac has developed proprietary bioinformatics pipelines to report this complex data through claraT in a simplified manner, helping to save time and maximise the understanding of any dataset more quickly.

The claraT report classifies using the Hallmarks of Cancer for easy interpretation. Initial launch content includes 35 gene expression signatures and 30 single gene drug targets (in addition to other biology linked genes).

The first three featured hallmark biologies included are: immuno-oncology (IO), epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) and angiogenesis. Almac will continue to expand the claraT report by developing content to ultimately cover all 10 Hallmarks of Cancer.

Michael Sloan, Global VP of Commercial Operations, Almac Diagnostic Services, said: “RNA-Sequencing produces vast amounts of complex raw data that can be difficult to interpret. We believe claraT offers a unique and highly cost-effective solution to this problem for BioPharma clients."

He continued: "From a single tumour sample sent to Almac’s labs, claraT provides multiple biologically relevant signature readouts in an easy to interpret report, saving time and allowing researchers to identify key patterns of gene expression within their cohort.

“claraT further enhances Almac Diagnostic Services’ capabilities within RNA expression profiling. The value of RNA alongside DNA in stratified medicine is slowly starting to be realised and Almac are hoping to provide further proof of its importance with our claraT gene expression report. We are excited by the potential effect claraT may have for future oncology biomarker discovery research,” said Sloan.

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