Anachem offers exclusive multichannel pipette service and calibration

Published: 12-Aug-2010

Multichannel All pipette service offers affordable solutions to help you comply with ISO:8655 requirements

The ISO:8655 standard for Piston Operated Volumetric Apparatus recommends that, for multichannel pipettes, every channel of the pipette should be regarded as a single channel and tested and reported as such. With Anachem’s low-cost Multichannel All service option you can be guaranteed that every channel will be tested according to the ISO standard.

Multichannel All is available at both Anachem’s UKAS accredited Pipette Service Centre and on-site at your laboratory. The pipettes are tested using Anachem’s Multi-Cal testing unit. This unit enables automated concurrent testing of up to 12 channels with a single channel pipetting cycle.

Whether you have an 8 or 12 channel pipette this service offers detailed, fully traceable data for every single channel. It is ideal for stringent QC, SOP, GLP and UKAS requirements. This fantastic service option is available for all major brands of multichannel pipettes and is the same price for 8 & 12 channel manual or electronic models.

Take advantage of our Special Offer and get your multichannel pipettes serviced and calibrated for as little as £29.99.

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