Aptuit announces acquisition of Exquiron Biotech

Published: 22-Apr-2016

Company expands capabilities in discovery to include high throughput screening and other early discovery services

Aptuit has acquired Exquiron Biotech to meet customer demand for fully integrated outsourced discovery services. Exquiron is a leading specialist contract research organisation dedicated to early phase drug discovery solutions.

Located near Basel, Switzerland, Exquiron offers industry leading expertise in assay development for hit finding and profiling purposes, high throughput screening, selectivity testing and hit characterisation. These services are complemented by an extensive library collection of lead-like compounds, as well as deep scientific knowledge in compound selection and structure activity relationship (SAR) expansion across a broad range of targets in multiple therapeutic areas.

Dr Jonathan Goldman, Chief Executive Officer of Aptuit, stated: ‘Aptuit specialises in the discovery of small molecules across a wide range of therapeutic areas, including neuroscience, oncology, infectious disease, inflammation, respiratory and others. The acquisition of Exquiron broadens our scientific excellence in advanced integrated discovery by incorporating capabilities in early discovery.’

‘In particular, we are thrilled to enhance our hit identification, validation and expansion services. We can now offer uninterrupted and very high quality delivery of a research programme from target to high quality candidate nomination. We expect our customers to benefit from improved probability of candidate nomination, with reductions in time and cost,’ he added.

Dr Goldman explained that Aptuit's best in class integrated discovery solutions are unique in the marketplace: ‘Customers value our unique capabilities in integrated discovery and integrated development. We are delighted to combine our core scientific expertise in discovery with the early discovery capabilities of our Exquiron colleagues.’

‘Our company is experiencing increased demand for integrated services from gene up to candidate nomination, and from candidate to IND. We are delighted to respond by expanding our capabilities,’ he continued. Dr Stephan Fasler, CEO and founder of Exquiron, added: ‘We are excited to join Aptuit, a highly respected leader in the discovery and development CRO sector. Our customers can now combine our expertise in assay development and high throughput screening with the ability to translate seamlessly to candidate nomination and IND filing. Exquiron and Aptuit share a culture and commitment to scientific excellence, making this a very good fit.’

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