BD expands portfolio with Sterifill Advance prefillable syringe

Published: 14-Aug-2013

Offers reduced breakage and glass-like transparency

BD Medical, a division of Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD), a global medical technology company headquartered in the US, has added the BD Sterifill Advance prefillable polymer syringe to its portfolio.

BD Sterifill Advance is a 50mL plastic prefillable syringe made with a cyclic olefin polymer that is said to offer a number of advantages to drug manufacturers and healthcare professionals including reduced breakage, glass-like transparency, and low levels of extractables.


This unique polymer combined with a specific coating technology provides smooth gliding, ensuring an accurate and consistent infusion rate, the firm says.

'BD applied our extensive knowledge and experience with prefillable syringes to design this new syringe with properties that support the delivery of large volume injectable drugs, making the advantages of this option more widely available,' said Claude Dartiguelongue, President, BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems. 'We are offering drug developers, healthcare workers and patients a new option for prefill drug delivery that sets new standards in both safety and convenience.'

The syringe was developed from the design of the BD Plastipak disposable syringe. This aims to reduce risks of administration errors for healthcare workers. In addition, the syringe is highly durable, reducing the probability of flange breakage and ensures a reliable connection with syringe pumps. The syringe can address a number of drug delivery needs for the intravenous infusion of large volumes of drugs. The product can also be used in a variety of settings for parenteral administration of pharmaceutical compounds.

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