BD pen needle innovation makes injections easier

Published: 25-Jun-2013

US firm BD adds EasyFlow technology to BD Ultra-Fine Nano 4mm pen needles for diabetes injections

BD Medical, a division of US medical technology firm BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), has launched the BD Ultra-Fine Nano 4mm pen needle with EasyFlow technology in the US and Canada, with the European launch expected in the coming months.

BD Medical says EasyFlow technology makes it easier and faster for people with diabetes to administer their daily insulin injections.

People with diabetes have recognised the impact of BD's latest innovation on their daily injection experience, with a majority preferring BD Ultra-Fine Nano 4mm Pen Needles with EasyFlow Technology to their current pen needle on all three of the leading insulin pen brands.1

In a clinical study published in Clinical Therapeutics, 61% of patients reported that they needed less thumb force to inject,1 and 49% reported less time to inject than with their usual pen needle.1

BD says it is able to deliver this improved performance by increasing the space inside the needle while maintaining industry leading gauge size – increasing the flow rate in controlled laboratory testing by up to 149% compared with competitive pen needles.1

The launch of EasyFlow technology follows BD's recent launch of PentaPoint Comfort, a patented 5-bevel needle tip clinically proven to enhance comfort.2

Both of these innovations are now included in BD's shortest and thinnest pen needle, the BD Ultra-Fine Nano 4mm Pen Needle.

‘Building on the introduction of BD's 4mm needle and 5-bevel PentaPoint Comfort design, we are confident that our new EasyFlow technology will provide the most comfortable injection experience to help enable patients to adhere more easily to their therapy regimens and ultimately improve their outcomes,’ said Linda Tharby, President, BD Medical – Diabetes Care.


1. Aronson R., et al. (2013). Insulin pen needles: Effects of extra thin-wall needle technology on preference, confidence, and other patient ratings. Clinical Therapeutics, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 20 June 2013.

2. Hirsch L.J., et al. (2012). Impact of a Modified Needle Tip Geometry on Penetration Force as well as Acceptability, Preference, and Perceived Pain in Subjects with Diabetes. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 6(2), 328–35.

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