BENEO: galenIQ, the sweet excipient that makes lozenges stable and taste good

Published: 6-Oct-2023

Located at stand #4E20, the company is set to present a sugar-free excipient that provides a broad range of benefits named galenIQ™ 900

High-boiled medicated lozenges are oral solid dosage forms that enable the API to be released continuously as the lozenge dissolves slowly in the mouth. Therefore, they are an ideal dosage form for APIs that have a targeted controlled delivery in the oral cavity, such as antitussives, decongestants, antihistamines, expectorants and for smoking cessation products.

  1. galenIQ™ 900 (Isomalt Ph.Eur., USP-NF, JP) is the excipient of choice to make sugar-free medicated high-boiled lozenges (HBL). 
  2. The use of galenIQ™ 900 enables the production of HBLs with a high stability and a long shelf-life, because these lozenges are not affected by climate conditions such as temperature and humidity. 
  3. galenIQ™ is non-cariogenic and has a low glycemic index. Therefore it is not harmful to teeth and its use is suitable for diabetics. 
  4. Thanks also to their smooth surface and the pleasant sweet taste, HBLs with galenIQ™ 900 are very palatable and are therefore enduringly popular with all consumer groups. 

When producing medicated hard boiled lozenges, galenIQ™ 900 is the number one choice. This sugar-free excipient provides a broad range of benefits. galenIQ™ 900 remains inert in the presence of other components such as active pharmaceutical ingredients and flavourings. This whilst being kind to teeth and providing only half the calories compared to sucrose, but still with a sweet taste. It’s extremely stable and allows for easy processing, as you need only one main excipient.

Join the company at booth #4E20 during CPHI to discover more! Out experts are keen to meet up. 

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