Berry and Pylote launch antimicrobial ophthalmic dropper

Published: 8-Mar-2022

Plastic waste can be reduced by up to 16 times in comparison to monodose solutions, the companies say

Packaging provider Berry Global is partnering with Pylote, an industrial mineral chemistry specialist, to develop sustainable and safe antimicrobial packaging products. 

Following joint evaluations, the companies are launching a multidose ophthalmic dropper which combines high barrier with antimicrobial protection properties. The product takes advantage of Pylote’s mineral technology, designed to help protect users from microbial infections, with Berry’s experience in designing sustainable healthcare packaging.

The dropper is proven effective against Adenovirus type 3 virus (conjunctivitis), E. Coli and S. aureus bacteria, the companies claim. It reportedly reduces the amount of plastic waste for one month of treatment by up to 16 times in comparison to monodose solutions, while requiring no change in patient treatment methods or existing packaging design or manufacturing processes. The product is also said to be compliant, stable and biocompatible, and is certified non-irritant and non-cytoxic according to ISO 10993:2010.

Mandy McCain, Head of Berry Global Healthcare Division, said: “This new partnership is incredibly exciting for us in the world of ophthalmics to further protect patients, provide them comfort while dispensing the drug and supporting further adherence to their treatments. This disruptive antimicrobial technology from Pylote combined with our market leading ophthalmic packaging design is a first-to-market for multidose droppers with added sustainability benefits, and is one significant example of our customer promise – Innovation for the World. Solutions for You. We believe that this collaboration is an important first step in delivering the future innovation for ophthalmic patients and their healthcare providers.“

Loïc Marchin, CEO of Pylote, said: "Partnering with Berry Global is a major step in our strategy to protect people with a shared sustainable commitment. Berry Global offers a rich portfolio of healthcare devices for many applications. Our mineral technology, positively perceived by consumers, is an effective, robust and safe disruptive antimicrobial solution. I see tremendous value for existing and potential patients from our combined offerings in the combination of our two expertises. We are now able to provide fully operational, responsible and safe solutions with an immediate impact on patient safety and comfort."

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