Bola Stirring Bars - Smooth and seamless performers

Published: 12-Jun-2024

For optimum results in magnetic stirring and mixing, both drive magnet and stirring bar performance are decisive. For optimum efficiency, the distance between the magnetic poles of the drive magnet and the length of the stirring bar should be equal

  • A magnetic stirring bar which is too small will eventually gravitate toward one of the poles of the drive magnet.
  • Stirring efficiency is influenced by the material, by the thickness of the cover plate and the thickness of the vessel.
  • For the best magnetic coupling, the distance between the magnets should be minimised.

Available in the UK from Labtex, Bola Stirring Bars offer excellent centering and smooth-running characteristics.

Magnetic Stirring Bars

The most commonly used magnetic stirring bars. Due to their simple shape they can be offered at very attractive prices.

Glass Magnetic Stirring Bars

They have a non-porous and smooth glass-coating, providing increased abrasion between glass vessels and glass stirring bars. Following processes are not affected by any carry-over.

Ultra-Magnetic Stirring Bars

These magnetic stirring bars have very smooth and seamless surfaces. No substance can penetrate into their surfaces so following processes are not affected by any carry-over.

Power Magnetic Stirring Bars

Due to special magnetic material, their torque loads are larger than those of conventional magnetic stirring bars. Power magnetic stirring bars are mainly used for agitating viscous liquids.

Square Magnetic Stirring Bars

Particularly suitable for big vessels due to the high magnetic force. Solids are released or removed from the bottom of the vessel.

Egg-Shaped Magnetic Stirring Bars

Suitable for round-bottom flasks. Their shape mimics that of the flasks and assures complete mixing. Those magnetic stirring bars have an egg-shaped magnetic core which assures a better force transmission than a cylindrical core.

Triangular Magnetic Stirring Bars

For mixing reagents which resist dissolving or for avoiding any residues at the bottom of the vessels. They provide strong turbulence at relatively low speeds.

Magnetic Stirring Bars with Pivot Ring

Providing greater surface area and added turbulence. Only their pivot ring and one end of the magnetic stirring bar touch the bottom of the vessel, for a steadier spinning position and a better longevity.

Star Head Magnetic Stirring Bars

Optimum stirring in tall, narrow diameter vessels. The ideal stirring bar for cuvettes or test tubes.

Centre Magnetic Stirring Bars

These magnetic stirring bars provide better stirring action and a more stable spinning position due to the punctual position.

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