C2 Pharma acquisition and cold-chain logistics spin-off established

Published: 17-Oct-2017

C2 Pharma, the company formerly known as Centroflora CMS, has announced the acquisition of R&D synthesis services company ASM Research Chemicals, based in Hannover and has also set up a GDP-compliant cold-chain logistics company with temperature-controlled warehouse facilities in Frankfurt

C2 Pharma has acquired ASM Research Chemicals, located in Hannover, Germany from Deutsche Mittelstandsholding, a mid-market private equity group.

By acquiring ASM Research Chemicals, C2 Pharma adds premium chemistry lab service capabilities to its service offering, which will be showcased at CPhI at the C2 Pharma booth (Hall 11, Level 0, #B40).

ASM Research Chemicals is a pioneer in the synthesis of peptide nucleic acid (PNA) monomers and also provides contract manufacturing services for R&D scale synthesis of complex organic molecules and impurities.

It operates a 600 m2 chemistry laboratory in the Medical Park, Hannover with a staff of 13, seven of whom are PhD chemists and has completed more than 500 projects during the last decade.

“This acquisition is in full alignment with our strategy to strengthen our chemistry expertise,” said Andrew Badrot, CEO of C2 Pharma.

“We can support our customers throughout their product life-cycle from the R&D stage with small-scale non-GMP compounds to the commercial stage with APIs.”

C2 Pharma has also recently established Logistics4Pharma , an independently-run Luxembourg based cold-chain Logistics company offering a full range of air freight, land transportation and warehousing solutions adhering strictly to GDP for temperature ranges of +2 to +8 °C, +15 to +25 °C as well as -15 to -25 °C.

This spin-off is a result of C2 Pharma's long experience in solving complex transportation challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry. Logistics4Pharma is attending CPhI at the C2 Pharmabooth (Hall 11, Level 0, #B40).

With its 1000 m2 warehouse in close proximity to Frankfurt Airport and a global network of certified logistics partners, Logistics4Pharma serves air-freight customers around the world under its own IATA license.

Logistics4Pharma also operates a fleet of seven validated temperature controlled vehicles, provides high quality packaging solutions and data loggers that ensure sensitive pharmaceutical goods are transported safely and reliably.

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