Calibre Scientific acquires reagent manufacturer

Published: 12-Jan-2022

BrightBox Quantitation specialises in NGS library Quantitation

Calibre Scientific has acquired BrightBox Quantitation, a specialised reagent manufacturer headquartered in California. BrightBox Quantitation produces and distributes a proprietary assay kit for rapid quantification of DNA or RNA NGS library molecules. BrightBox Quantitation joins the company’s EdgeBio division.

“A market leader in DNA sequencing for decades, EdgeBio has built a reputation for high-quality consumables that help its customers save time and money across the sequencing workflow,” said Avesta Ebrahimi, General Manager of EdgeBio. “We’re excited to add BrightBox Quantitation kits to our portfolio: they will make NGS workflows faster, easier, and more cost-effective for our customers, allowing them to increase throughput capacity and deliver consistent, high-quality results.”

“We are really excited to partner with Calibre Scientific, a company that supplies exceptional lab consumables to scientists worldwide,” said Dr Richard Fekete, CEO and Founder of BrightBox Quantitation. “The simplified workflow of the BrightBox Assay for NGS library quantitation fits in perfectly with Calibre Scientific’s customer-focused product portfolio. With Calibre Scientific’s world-class manufacturing and sales capabilities, we will now be able to bring these assays to a much broader set of customers.”

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