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amofor offers formulation development for active ingredients in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and life-science applications. We are specialised in formulation development aiming at increasing the bioavailability of actives via salt formation, cocrystal formation, and amorphous formulations


Using thermodynamics to understand formulations

We established thermodynamic tools for designing physically-stable solid forms and formulations. Based on few experimental data points, which characterise the really existing intermolecular interactions of a molecule, we are able to identify the best excipients for a new active ingredient. Our approach only requires a few hundred milligrams of the active ingredient and drastically reduces the number of experiments and the time required to design the best formulations and identify the right preparation methods.

amofor addresses the need for efficient pharmaceutical development applying in-silico tools to find the optimal formulation.

Our modeling strategies were experimentally validated by investigation of hundreds of different formulations (amorphous solid dispersion formulations, amorphous and crystalline formulations, lipidic formulations). Dozens of peer-reviewed publications in international pharmaceutical formulations are available highlighting the applicability of the modeling approaches.

  • Typical applications are:
  • polymer screenings for amorphous solid dispersion development
  • storage stability predictions at any desired temperature/humidity storage condition
  • solvent screenings for manufacturing processes
  • solvent selection for spray drying processes
  • solubility predictions in dissolution media
  • solubility and stability predictions of polymorphs, cocrystals, hydrates/solvates and amorphous compounds

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