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Gamlen Tableting Ltd. is the world leader in powder compaction analysis.


Gamlen’s unique powder compaction analysers, software and accessories gives you a better understanding of how your powders will behave before full scale manufacture.

Our instruments are ideal for new product development, assessing changes to your formulations, evaluating alternative suppliers and even troubleshooting production issues.

Accurate compaction data gives you certainty on how your APIs and excipients will behave during manufacture. Saving you time, saving you materials, saving you money.

The Gamlen D-Series is the world’s first fully automated powder compaction analysis system. It gives you all the data you need to make better informed decisions, not best estimates.

The D-Series is designed to be used with the Gamlen Dashboard software for fully automated compaction analysis. The Dashboard Software automatically generates all lubrication and USP <1062> compaction data (compactibility, compressibility and tabletability). This allows you to easily rank your formulations against all standard tablet Critical Quality Attributes prior to entering manufacture.

Additional exclusive Gamlen accessories and services include:

Gamlen GamPette: Precision Powder Pipette is the ideal solution for precise, fast and reproducible powder dispensing. The GamPette powder pipette dispenses powder weights from 10 mg to 10 g accurately and reliably, saving time, money and materials.

Gamlen SafeTab: Your rapid solution for bench top operations needing safe containment of powders, aerosols or harmful agents. The Gamlen SafeTab uses innovative flexible film technology combined with HEPA-in, HEPA-out filtration to provide equivalent containment to a hard-shell isolator.

Gamlen CHE: The Gamlen CHE allows tablets to be both made and tested in a controlled humidity environment. Using the Gamlen CHE, you can dry granulate, mill, compact and pack tablets all under low humidity and without risk to your moisture sensitive materials. It facilitates quick and easy GMP manufacture of small tablet batches.

We also provide a wide range of testing services to help you predict and avoid common manufacturing problems. Contact us for more information and to discuss your needs.

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