Domainex and Cresset form drug discovery services alliance

Published: 26-Jan-2016

Will provide laboratory-based and computational drug discovery services by combining their capabilities in chemistry and biology

Domainex, a UK-based small-molecule drug discovery company, and Cresset Discovery Services, a services company for small molecule discovery and design, have formed an alliance to provide their customers with laboratory-based and computational drug discovery services through a combination of their respective capabilities in chemistry and biology.

The alliance will give clients access to Domainex's expertise in protein expression, biochemical assays, hit identification, computational and medicinal chemistry; and to Cresset’s approach to hit identification and drug design using its proprietary computational technologies.

Eddy Littler, Chief Executive of Domainex, said the combination of Domainex’s drug discovery skills and the computational chemistry technologies and expertise of Cresset means that together they can offer customers 'an unrivalled capability to identify novel hit compounds against important drug targets, and to progress these all the way to candidate drugs'.

In particular, Cresset’s patented field point technology and associated ligand-based approaches to targets such as GPCRs and ion-channels will complement Domainex’s own expertise in target areas such as enzymes and protein-protein interactions, he said.

Domainex has already announced that it will be moving its laboratories to a new and larger facility at Chesterford Research Park in Saffron Walden, Cambridgeshire.

Rob Scoffin, Chief Executive of Cresset, said: 'We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with another world-class research services company in order to offer unrivalled capabilities in drug discovery and development. We are able to provide integrated services which will include access to Cresset’s existing applications as well as our pipeline of cutting edge computational science and yet-to-be-commercialised methods.'

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