Dust collector skid packages offer simple installation

Published: 2-Aug-2013

Packaged units ideal for pharmaceutical and other applications

Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) now offers its Farr Gold Series dust collection systems in a skid package that speeds and simplifies installation. The new Gold Series skid packages incorporate high efficiency cartridge dust collectors and all related equipment onto a single platform that is easy to transport and install. The packaged units offer time and cost savings for pharmaceutical and other industrial applications, especially when needed to facilitate installation of multi-component dust collection systems.

A typical skid package might include one or more dust collectors, active and/or passive explosion protection devices, doors for bag-in/bag-out filter change-out, BIBO HEPA filters, continuous liner discharge, fans, controls and interconnecting ductwork. Pre-assembled and shipped on a single skid, components can be easily moved by forklift or crane and are equipped with removable electrical and pipe connections. Even large units can typically be shipped in a container, eliminating the time and cost to build special crating.

Skid packages can be as large or small as needed to satisfy individual customer requirements: the only limitations are the size and access to the space where the equipment will be installed at the end-user site.

Features of the Farr Gold Series dust collector include rugged modular construction, high efficiency, ease of service, energy savings and long filter life. The collectors come with a 12-year warranty and are guaranteed to meet applicable emission standards. A wide selection of options and accessories are available to meet fire and explosion protection, containment and other special requirements.

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