Fast and accurate DNA sample selection

Published: 20-Dec-2022

A Dutch genome diagnostics lab is using Ziath's Mohawk semi-automated tube picker to retrieve DNA samples accurately and rapidly from a biobank

The Genome Diagnostics Laboratory (AGDx) is centred at the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam - the largest University Medical Centre in the Netherlands. Bringing together a network of medical specialists in cardiology, paediatrics, oncology, neurology, endocrinology, haematology, and ophthalmology - AGDx is designated as the European reference centre for genetic testing of familial hypercholesterolemia, imprinting disorders and cardiogenetics.

Publishing over 50 research paper a year, lab specialists at the AGDx work at the leading edge of genome diagnostics. The laboratory is licensed by the Royal Dutch Government to perform clinical genetic tests. 

Senior Chief Analyst in the AGDx laboratory at the VU Medical Centre Dr Marja van Stralen said: “A few years ago, with stored DNA samples rising exponentially, the situation had arisen that we could no longer find the right samples so easily. Our laboratory switched from the classic microcentrifuge tubes to 2D barcoded tubes in SBS format 96 position racks for storage of all DNA samples to enable us to efficiently manage our DNA biobank. In recent years, specialised knowledge has been increasingly required to perform DNA diagnostics and there are more and more diseases in which DNA diagnostics can support the correct diagnosis with current techniques.

Dr Marja van Stralen continued: "As a result, the number of requests to our laboratory grows every year. It is vital that we can quickly and accurately pick specific DNA samples enabling us to use the right tests with our various diagnostic techniques. Efficient picking of samples is especially important in larger studies which require a lot of Biobank DNA materials to be found quickly. Since the arrival of the Ziath Mohawk semi-automated tube picker, just over a year ago, we have been able to accurately pick and process more DNA samples in an efficient manner. As a result of this successful implementation, and the great support received from Ziath, our laboratory is in the process of acquiring a second Mohawk." 

The Ziath Mohawk semi-automated tube picker employs a linear rack reader and ninety-six pins that allow a frozen or thawed sample tube to be raised when a rack is scanned according to a picklist. This innovative technology avoids the need for slow, expensive robotics which can take minutes to process racks. With Mohawk, a rack is scanned, tubes are selected and picked in seconds. Mohawk needs no set up or calibration. Control is achieved via through software which provides an intuitive interface for fast and effortless operation.

Tubes are picked from a single rack, or a picklist can be set up to select tubes across multiple racks. Pick list operations are normally started from reading the 1D code on a rack placed onto the Mohawk, but manual selection is also possible. For extra sample tracking and security, the Mohawk can be connected directly to a 2D-barcode scanner for tube confirmation. In this mode it can also generate picklists directly from the tube barcodes. For further traceability, a 1D-scanner for reading the rack barcode is included.

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