Fast track vaccines to market

Published: 17-Aug-2020

In-silico, in-vivo, in-situ, in safety

Whichever phase of pharma development and production you operate in, PharmaMV provides you with a single, integrated, fully-featured and compliant platform, to support rapid product design, development and scale-up, moving confidently into efficient vaccine and therapeutic manufacturing.

The inherent biological variability in raw materials, complex purification processes, environmental controls and even the process itself can affect product integrity. APC does not replace approved pharmaceutical control strategies but combines dynamic process models with offline and online quality measurements to optimise the output, delivering improved product quality, higher yield, greater agility and tangible savings in time, cost and energy.

With changing needs, whether responding to a global pandemic or seasonal vaccination programme, advanced process control (APC) and modelling can support development and production of high volumes of biopharmaceutical products safely, when and where needed.

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