Help-to-buy fund for Hosokawa Powder Characteristics Tester

Published: 31-Jan-2017

The Hosokawa PT-X is now eligible for Hosokawa’s no deposit, fixed payment funding option

The Powder Tester remains the laboratory unit of choice for easy determination of powder characteristics and their critical effects on processing activities.

The Hosokawa Powder Characteristics Tester is widely used across the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries to evaluate flowability and floodability of dry powder solids.

It is capable of measuring: angle of repose, compressibility, angle of spatula, cohesion, angle of fall, dispersibility and angle of difference plus three auxiliary values, aerated bulk density, packed bulk density and uniformity.

Examples of popular use include accurate determination of flowability, which effects mixing speeds; and an understanding of the critical discharge flow, to prevent product bridging on discharge from a vessel, or the influence of moisture content on flowability.

The Powder Characteristics Tester PT-X features clear visual displays and operator friendly software speed up analysis time and reduce operator intervention, for increased accuracy and repeatability.

The compact, table top unit comes with integrated HEPA filter for protection from dust exposure. A vacuum cleaner is also available as is a specially designed feeder for accurate sampling.

With Hosokawa’s new Asset Funding for Business scheme it can be available without budget or funding delays.

The help-to-buy funding gives processors and system manufacturers immediate access to the latest PT-X and the benefits of product and process improvement.

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