The Hosokawa Bexmill with gentle milling action is the ideal choice for pharmaceutical materials

Published: 28-Feb-2017

Coarse or medium grinding of heat sensitive, sticky, high fat content or moist materials, once considered difficult with traditional mills is not a problem for the Hosokawa Bexmill in either batch or continuous environments.

This versatile cone mill, which is available in a range of 5 sizes from 1.5KW to 15 KW, has a very gentle action which suits applications within the pharmaceutical and food industries. The Bexmill produces a product with minimal fines and with a steep particle size distribution.

The Bexmill offers a short processing time with little heat build-up which is ideal for sticky or heat sensitive pharmaceuticals. The unit is very compact and mobile requiring no air filtration equipment as is the case with other milling systems. The compact conical grinding chamber design is very easily cleaned and is gas and dust tight.

A “ through the wall “ version has been designed for pharmaceutical cleanrooms where the drive and control elements are located outside the clean area.

The new generation of Bexmill has ultrafast access to the inner grinding elements by releasing external swingbolts thus exposing the grinding rotor and screen for cleaning and maintenance. Full hygienic GMP design is available and by changing just the inner screen size one mill can be used for a variety of products of different fineness and nature making it is a truly versatile mill.

Typical applications include granulation after roller compaction, de-agglomeration, homogenisation and post mixing applications to improve powder flow characteristics.

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